Friday, July 24, 2009

MCAT scores

Well for those of you who haven't heard, Mikey got a 29 on the MCAT (verbal-9, biological sciences-11, physical sciences-9). It is not as high as he was hoping for, but I am so proud of him. The average score of those accepted to ETSU last year was a 27, so he is definately competitive there (which is where we were thinking all along that he will most likely get accepted). It is all up to the Lord. Please be in prayer for us as we are trying to make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.

I have been a busy woman this morning. We are leaving to go camping with my mom and the whole family today, so I have been trying to get all of the laundry finished and the house clean. I love coming home from vacation to a clean house. It makes it so much better. I am not what you would call an outdoorsy type of person, but hopefully it will be fun. It isn't even really camping, everyone has large campers, so we will still have a bed to sleep in and a shower to use. Anyways, wish me luck..........will post pics when we get back!

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