Tuesday, July 28, 2009

G-Force and Sadness/Happiness.....not sure which right now

Sloane and I took Summer, Carlie and Alex to the movies today. Mamaw was happy to keep Aidan for the day. She said that was the first time she has ever had just him, I couldn't believe it he is almost a year old!! They got to spend some quality time together. We took them to see G-force (a make-up movie trip since we had to leave I Love You Beth Cooper last week. It was a cute movie, but not one to go see if you don't have kids. It is pretty boring, unless you have your child to watch. There is just something about watching Alex watch a movie that HE thinks is funny. I love to listen to his little laugh and watch his facial expressions. These moments are so special and I know that they are slowly slipping away from me. I truly try to cherish every single one, because soon he won't think that gerbil'spies working for the FBI would make a funny movie, and that will be sad:(

I am feeling a little down in the dumps about Aidan turning a year old. His first year of life has just gone by too fast. I feel like he should still be just a couple of months old, not walking around and trying to talk. The time just flies by. I have myself a busy day planned for tomorrow. I have a long to do list to get accomplished before Friday. We are having a big birthday party, so I have to get my house spotless and I have a lot of cooking to do. It is going to be bittersweet to watch him blow out his candle and dig into his cake. I can't wait to watch him, but I am so not ready for it to already be here. He is such a sweet baby and I am so thankful to God for blessing my life with him. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day busy parts of life, but the moments are precious and they go by faster than you want.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping and Makeover

We got home from camping yesterday at about 12:00 and we were exhausted! The boys slept for 4 hours each and I slept a good two hours myself. As for Mikey, not sure, he was awake when I went to sleep and awake when I got up. We had a really good time. We got there around 5:30 Friday afternoon, everyone else had been there all day, so everything was set up and ready to go. We had burgers that night and they were sooo good. I love a good charcoal-grilled hamburger!! Mikey, Sloane and I stayed up late and watched Taken, which was really good and I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet (I know I said that we were camping, but we "camp" with a satellite dish, airconditioning and indoor plumbing). Saturday morning, Sloane and I went for a run (which was terrible, but I was glad that I did it) and then came back and ate a good breakfast, homemade biscuits, sausage, bacon, gravy, eggs, my kind of breakfast! After that we decided that it would be a great idea to play some two-hand touch football. It was really fun, until Mom got hurt. She and Jeff were both going up for a pass and they both fell and she landed on his knee. His knee is fine, but it caught her right in the ribs. I think she may have cracked one, but she refused to go get an x-ray, so we don't know for sure. After that, Aidan was exhausted, so I took him in the camper and we both passed out. I woke up to him fussing at about 3:00, we had both been asleep for 3 hours and I didn't even know I went to sleep. Most everyone else had gone out on the boat for some skiing and knee boarding. That night we had homemade barbeque (yummy!!) and for desert we had key lime pie. Tracie squeezed the limes herself and it delicious! Sunday morning we woke up and ate breakfast and packed up and headed home. It was a great weekend, but I was so ready to come home. I think I must be getting old or something because my whole body hurts from not sleeping in my own bed. Before you know it I will be one of those people that travels with all of my pillows because I can't sleep on anything else!

Today is back to real life. I think Aidan is getting sick, so we didn't go to the "live" this morning. You aren't allowed to bring them if they have green snot, and he has it running down his face pretty much all the time(he is getting really annoyed with me chasing him with a tissue!), so we would have just gotten sent home if we did. I guess I'll have to go when Mikey gets home. He will be 1 year old on Friday and I am having a hard time with it. My baby isn't a baby anymore and I am sad! Sorry that this post was so long, but I had a lot to catch up on! By the way, did you notice anything different??? If not, you must not pay attention to anything, I spent my morning giving my blog a makeover (I am such a productive housewife!). Have a good day!

P.S. Rachel, I hope you had a great time in Florida!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

MCAT scores

Well for those of you who haven't heard, Mikey got a 29 on the MCAT (verbal-9, biological sciences-11, physical sciences-9). It is not as high as he was hoping for, but I am so proud of him. The average score of those accepted to ETSU last year was a 27, so he is definately competitive there (which is where we were thinking all along that he will most likely get accepted). It is all up to the Lord. Please be in prayer for us as we are trying to make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.

I have been a busy woman this morning. We are leaving to go camping with my mom and the whole family today, so I have been trying to get all of the laundry finished and the house clean. I love coming home from vacation to a clean house. It makes it so much better. I am not what you would call an outdoorsy type of person, but hopefully it will be fun. It isn't even really camping, everyone has large campers, so we will still have a bed to sleep in and a shower to use. Anyways, wish me luck..........will post pics when we get back!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I had a great weekend! Friday we celebrated my Daddy's birthday (which was really Saturday, but he was busy then) by going over to his house and having homemade pizza, cake, and then playing some backyard football. We had a blast, I did a good job and was quite proud of myself. I could tell that I had been working out, everyone else was out of breath but I was just fine. It was nice to not feel like such a fat a** for a little while. My team won (of course)! Saturday morning, Rachel and I went yardsaleing. It was so much fun. I got some cute stuff (nothing that I really needed, but thought I did when I saw the items). That afternoon, I came home and took a nap. No one was home, it was so quiet, I couldn't resist. When the boys got home we layed them down for a nap and Mikey and I decided to get busy (not like that!!) and CLEAN out upstairs. We have to do that like once a year. We are bad about taking stuff up there that we don't feel like finding a place for it to go. So after a while there are just piles of stuff laying everywhere. Now it is our nice clean guest room and our "storage area". We still have a large pile of stuff that we have to drop off at Goodwill, maybe we will get to that sometime before it is time to clean up there next year! Sunday was Jeff's birthday, so we went to Mom's house after church for lunch and then came home and napped for a while. That night I went to Emily's house for a candle party. It was so much fun, I hadn't seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up. Today, Sloane and I took the boys and the girls to see I Love You Beth Cooper. Not a child's movie. Apparently I need to research things a little more when I am taking young kids to the movies. We had to leave like 20 minutes into it. I think that I would like to see it sometime, but not with kids around. Anyway I am now patiently waiting for Mikey to get home from work, because his MCAT scores are supposed to be posted tonight. But it says "tenatively" so we'll see. Please pray for us.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our week has been pretty standard. I worked yesterday all day long, like 12 hours. I was exhausted by the time I finally got home. Today the boys and I went to the Y, then stopped by a yard sale, came home and ate lunch, and now I am just watching the Young and the Restless and the boys are playing in their room. They are so sweet when they play together. I love to listen to their little conversation and to watch them when they think they are alone. It is so precious. Tomorrow is my Daddy's birthday, so during nap time today I am making him 2 chess pies, they are his favorite. He will be so happy. I am pumped about tomorrow. Rachel and I are going yard sale-ing(sp?). I haven't had a girly day in a long time and I am excited to get out of the house and only be responsible for myself for a little while. Well I better go put the boys down for a nap!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roley Moley!! (not sure if that is how it is spelled, but oh well!)

That is what Alex says when he means Holy Moley, but I thought it was the perfect title for this post because I had a mole removed today! It was my first experience at the dermatologist office, it didn't go that bad. I get the results from the biopsy in about a week, so hopefully it is nothing. Anyways, the boys went to Mamaw and Papaw's house today while I went to the doctor. Summer and Carlie were there too, so needless to say, she was pretty tired by the time I got back. It was perfect for me because they were worn out by the time we made it home, so they both went straight to sleep (that means alone time for the mommy!). Mikey's Granddaddy had surgery today, as far as I know (which isn't very much) everything went good and he should get to come home this weekend.

Rewind to yesterday....... Mamaw and I and Alex and Aidan went to WalMart yesterday. We were so worn out that we had to call for reinforcements for lunch and the unloading of groceries. Luckily, Sloane had Summer and Carlie so they met us there and then helped us get the groceries inside (thank you Jesus for my sister!) We were so worn out that we all passed out for a solid three hours. I got nothing accomplished, but had a really great nap!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Party and Relaxing during the Storm

Saturday night we went to Mikado's (I know we went there a few weeks ago, but we like it!) for Mikey's mom's (AKA Grandmommy) birthday. It was soooo good as usual. I forgot to bring my camera (AGAIN!!) but she had hers so someone has pictures. Afterward, we went to Sonic for some ice cream/milkshakes (feeling guilty now about that) and then headed home. This morning we went to church and then came home and took a nap. It was so relaxing to listen to the thunder in the background. But then I had to get up to go to the "live" as Alex calls it, for Yoga class. It was good and relaxing, perfect for this dreary day.

This is Aidan's new favorite place in the house.......

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Man I am exhausted today. I had to work today, not even that hard, but I am worn out anyway. I did a step aerobics class on Tuesday and my legs are still killing me from it. I have been limping around for 3 days now, it is getting old. I am going to go to Yoga Stretch tomorrow so hopefully that will help. Anyway, enough whining!! Mikey and I have started a new bible study book this week and so far it is amazing. It is all about having faith in God through everything. During this time in our lives, when everything is up in the air about regarding our future, it is just the kind of daily devotion that we really need. If anyone is interested we would be glad to pass it on when we are finished, just let me know.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmommy!!

We just want you to know that we love you and send you happy birthday wishes!! We hope that you are having a great one!! We love you!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

Family Photo (the boys were obviously not excited!)

We have had an amazing weekend!! We got to see all of our parents at one point or another, so that is always good. And we got to see some family that we just don't get to see that often. Mikey had the day off on Friday, so we got to spend the day at home. It was nice not to have anything to do, but man were we bored by the afternoon. Just so happened that Randy and Walissa were bored too, so I called Momma to see if the boys could spend the night, and the four of us headed to Nashville. We decided on P.F. Changs for dinner. It was sooooo delicious. That is so not a good picture of me, but we were having technical difficulties so I had to make do. Afterward, we went to Green Hills and saw The Hangover. It is absolutely hilarious, very crude, but hilarious. Definately not a family friendly film, but we laughed really hard. We didn't get home until after 1:00 am, and were exhausted. I don't think I moved until about 9 the next morning. So we got up and went to Momma's to get the boys, then I headed to the Y to exercise (told you I was obsessed, even on a holiday!! haha!!).

For lunch on the 4th, we headed over to my great-great-aunt Hazel's house. She is Grandmother's sister. That was the first time I had seen all of that side of the family since Grandmother passed. It was hard for me to be there without her, but I know that she would definately want for all of us to still get together for holidays and things. She was such a special lady and I still miss her everyday. Anyway, we had some yummy food that I ate way too much of and got to just hang around for a while and visit. I tried my hardest to get up a kickball game, but no onw wanted to play with me, oh well maybe next year (it was probably better anyway, I was saved of the embarassment of being picked last!) Aidan had an amaizing time playing in that fountain. He kept looking at all of us like, "am I not going to get in trouble for this?" It was pretty cute.

After lunch, we all really needed a nap so we went home to rest before the evening festivities. That night we went to Memaw's house for a party. The food was delicious and the company was great!! Sadly, because of the storms, we did not get to shoot fireworks. So instead we played Cranium WOW (which by the way is the funnest game ever!). We got about halfway through the game, then it happened.......Alex threw up all over the kitchen floor (and a little on Walissa....which was sort of funny because she doesn't like vomit!! haha!!) I don't have any pictures from the night time because I forgot my camera, but Ms. Kathy is supposed to email me hers. So I will try to remember to put some up once she emails me!! It was a great fourth of July!!

In other news, Alex learned to pee standing up!! His Daddy is so proud!!

and so is he............

Thursday, July 2, 2009

forgot to say....

Congratulations to my Mamaw and Papaw. They have been married for 45 years today. This day in time, that is an accomplishment!! I love you both and I look up to you!! I wanted to put something up that would sum up your marriage and life and I thought what better way than to put up a picture of all of your family. Happy Anniversary!!

YMCA, Ice Age, TJ Maxx, Revolutionay Road

Well, we decided to join the YMCA and so far I can't get enough of it. Which is a good thing to get addicted to, if you are going to get addicted to anything. I just love being there and getting to spend a few moments to myself (although I count the seconds down on the elliptical!). The only thing that I don't care for is that Alex and Aidan have to be in seperate playrooms because of their age difference. Alex had a small meltdown the first day, but has been fine ever since we talked about it.

Wednesday, me and the boys went with Ms. Kathy and Walissa to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It was okay, not as good as Up, but okay. I had to spend the last half hour walking in the hall with Aidan, but I wasn't that interested anyway so it was okay. Afterward, we went to TJ Maxx. I got three pairs of shoes for myself. I felt a little guilty, but they were all on sale and soooo cute. We met Mikey for dinner at Olive Garden and had good conversations with the family.

I had to work today :( It was not fun, but it wouldn't be called work if it was right? I did get off early so that was a pleasant surprise. We got the boys to bed early, so that we could get a movie on Pay-Per-View (not that kind!). We got Revolutionary Road. I do NOT recommend it. I thought I was going to be sick at the end. It was truly disturbing. We are watching Grease right now, just to not have to go to bed with that on our minds!! That's all for now!!